Saturday, August 01, 2009

I'm that girl....

I had a friend ask me recently, "Is your blog all rainbows & sunshine?"

Hmmmm.... I hope it's not. I hope I'm transparent that we're a real & flawed family.

But just to be sure I'm going to highlight some of my stellar moments lately....

I am that girl that was so busy rearranging the groceries in the trunk of her car that she didn't notice her children driving across the parking lot in their shopping cart "car".

I am that girl that locked herself out of her house with her one year old INSIDE. FYI she was in her crib for some much needed 'me time' and eventually fell asleep. I did have a baby monitor with me so I could check up on her. Isaac and I went into the garage to fix the vacuum only to realize in my attempt to keep my family safe I had locked the door into the house without getting a spare key made first. Luckily our neighbors work from home & let me use their phone (and they were not appalled that neither of us had shoes on & Isaac didn't have pants on either. More lucky for them was that I had the brilliant idea to put a bra on under my pajama t-shirt before I went out). Zach was more than glad for a reason to leave work.

I am that girl who had to call for help because I was stuck in the tar pit that is my kitchen floor created from all the food my children have dropped/spilled/thrown there. It always seems within 5 minutes of mopping the floor someone has a sticky disaster happen. So I often think, "If I clean it, it gets dirty. So if I leave it dirty will it clean itself?" For those of you wondering, no it has NOT happened yet.

I am that girl who realized the day before a Bible study I'm leading that I'd only prepared one week, not two. I did get it done, but would have liked a little more time for the topic to marinate in my mind.

And I am the girl who dutifully read {stalks} lots of other people's blogs but can't seem to keep mine updated. With that in mind I am turning over a new leaf- I am going to attempt to blog every day in the month of August. Day one...check.

See you tomorrow!

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molly said...

well, the stalking on my end has started! looking forward to a post every day!!! {although i talk to you pretty mich every day too :)} i may just join you on this little task you have presented yourself with! maybe a picture of the day too??