Wednesday, August 05, 2009

C is for Crapy Craft

So we've been studying our way through the alphabet. This week we're on C.

I may be the only one who has had this happen, but I've had the desire to paper mache something with Isaac. I thought he'd like getting messy. I decided today was the day. We were going to make a C is for Cow head out of a balloon covered with paper mache.

Isaac loves to help us mix stuff so that was easy entertainment.

He loved it when I showed him a few times how to put the paper in the goo and put in on the balloon. So just as he reaches up to put his first piece on, the balloon pops. I guess that's what I get for using the only balloon we had- a water balloon. And let me just tell you- that paste was everywhere & made a huge mess!!! I tired to quickly regroup and find something else that work, but lost Isaac's attention and interest long before I could get it together.

I did try to redeem myself with doing a painting project I just read about with both kids, since Brooklyn was now up. You put a bouncy ball in an old stocking, tie it off & dip it into paint. Then you drop it onto paper to make splatters. No stockings for this chick, so and old pair of socks fit the bill. Both kids liked it- score!! Brooklyn even obeyed when I told her the paint was for her "paint brush" {old sock} not her mouth. I did use just water with food coloring so that no one would be poisoned.

Every time Isaac dropped his ball onto the paper he yelled, "WOW LOOK AT THAT!"

I'm 50/50 today- not bad!

hint: if you try this do it on a hard surface- the grass doesn't let the ball bounce much.

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Becki said...

So cute - umm do your kids own pants? Should Aunti Becki do some shopping for them????