Sunday, August 02, 2009

Bring in the Clowns

We recently went to a small circus. When I say small I mean SMALL. They did have some fun animals to see before & during the show: elephants, zebras, camels, goats, and a hippo in a pool.

The circus began with all the performers coming out for a song/dance number. The ladies were in lion, cheetah, and tiger printed costumes. I leaned over to Zach and said, "I guess they can't afford to have real lions."

Despite being small they had some great performances and acts. Isaac loved it but really just wanted the elephants to come in the whole time. Brooklyn was a bit fussy, but every time the music came on she bounced up & down and danced along.

It was a fun time as a family & a great introduction into the circus for Isaac, Brooklyn & I. Yes it was my first circus too.


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

The lion remark made me laugh out loud! You are so funny, Sarah :)

Glad you all had fun at the circus! I've been to one but it was when I was young. Someday I will take the kids. And then that is all I will hear about for YEARS!


Karen said...

Next time you all come out to our house, I'll drive you past the neighborhood Zebra.

Becki said...

Maybe mom can create her own circus when you are home for Isaac . . .She can definitely do his favorite animal, but she's also really good at making the lion sound when passing Food Lion Grocery Store . . .