Monday, August 10, 2009

Dreams Redeemed

Zach and I have had a rough few weeks with the kids. Brooklyn is teething (which is taking forever) and Isaac is doing what I assume is normal 2 year old behavioral battles. Despite that we've continued to plan fun family outings which seem to be going like this:

*Zach and I plan a good time in our day to do something we thing the kids will LOVE.

*We talk it up with the kids to get them excited too.

*I envision a great time as a family laughing and running with stellar photos to prove that it happened.

*We get there (or sometimes in the car ride there) meltdowns begin.

*Deep breaths and calm voices are used frequently.

*Tantrums continue. Wailing & nashing of teeth show their ugly little heads.

*Our dreams of above noted family time come crashing down in a firery blaze.

*Children are hauled off to the car, given drinks & snacks to keep their mouths occupied and Zach & I drive home asking each other why we even bother.

But yesterday, the clouds parted and a fun family stress free afternoon actually happened!! {shock & awe abounded}. With 95 degree weather & high humidity we decided to go to the pool (they don't allow cameras, which I appreciate, so no pics to prove it happened). The kids had a great time! We had a great time! No tantrums!

Zach had taken Brooklyn back to the pool after her snack, while Isaac lazily munched on his almonds. He leaned over to me and said, "I really happy Mommy!"

Me too buddy, me too!!

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Tamara said...

thanks for sharing real life... i needed to read it. and know that we're not the only ones! :) here's hoping each adventure gets a little bit better... until nothing comes between the adventure and fun for the whole family!