Tuesday, August 04, 2009

BLing Bling

Seriously we're in Day 4 of a month of post & I'm dry already.
Hmmm.... Let's look through our pictures & see what we can come up with.

Oh here's a good one.

Did you know Brooklyn is now sporting some adorable bling?

Cute Huh!

We got her ears pierced at our pediatricians with her 1 yr. well visit
(right before she got vaccinated)
What a way to say "Happy Birthday to you Brooklyn!"

She doesn't even mind them now.
While she can throw a ball almost as good as her brother,
she is a girly girl too,
often sporting a necklace or hat as well.

A girl's got to accessorize you know!

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Becki said...

LOVE those cheeks . . . .