Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Meltling

Doesn't this picture just melt your heart? It does mine!!

I asked Zach to take my picture too (I want the kids to know I was there too),
but this was the only good one
{yikes- that's the best it gets for me right now I guess}


Tamara said...

you look GREAT! a bit uncomfortable, but great! and your hair looks awesome! i can't even tell you how much i wish we lived near each other!!!

Brooke said...

Good picture, however, I want you to have that baby now, so we can hang out in Kansas City again!!

Bethany said...

I was hoping there would be a picture of you in there! You look so cute pregnant. And I must agree...I love your hair! I, too wonder if my children will know I was around since I'm not in any pictures.

Michelle T said...

Haven't been on here in a long time. You look beautiful! I hope the pregnancy is going well and you're feeling great :)

Seths' Dad said...

There is a Bruggers coming to KC in Feb. I believe.