Friday, January 22, 2010


Last weekend we were able to spend the entire weekend together, as a family. That has happened only one other time since we moved to Nebraska in October.

Zach needed to go to Lincoln to get something for me... turns out it was a Brugger's Bagel smoked salmon breakfast sandwich. He knows what I LOVE!!! It was worth the hour plus drive!!!

Since we were there....and had to bring the kids with us we went to the Children's Museum too. We had a great time, despite the huge crowd there with us. My camera battery died just after we got there so not too many pics...

Isaac LOVED the prairie dog tunnels. Not to play in the tunnels, but to carry around the stuffed animals that "lived" in the area. He carried a mouse around the rest of the time we were there.

The zoo had brought some animals for the kids to pet. B immediately pet this skink, and then tried to kiss it "Mwah!". FYI this lady also had a hissing cockroach just hanging out under her collar- GROSS!!! Brooklyn, again with no fear, reached right out to grab one of the cockroaches.

Zach and I actually went on a dinner date with another couple on Saturday night. We got a babysitter {yes, really}. We had a great time, but I don't think we'll be calling the babysitter again. Just a vibe...and I don't need that from someone I leave my precious children with. But I have the name of two other girls I think will be great. So we may just go out as adults again sometime soon :)

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