Monday, June 22, 2009

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Zach's Aunt Loreen is a shoe lover. And she loves to share her passion with others.
Isaac & Brooklyn were the recipients of that lately.

Brooklyn got a pair of squeeker shoes.
There are squeekers in the heels of each shoe so every step she takes they squeek.
Adorable is an understatement!!

She started taking some steps a few weeks ago and now can walk across the living room. She likes a lot of encouragement to do it & daw gone-it crawling is just so much faster!
Isaac also would like to have a party thrown in his honor (and we do) when he walks across the room now too. Isaac got a pair of frog rain boots- huge hit!!
He even slept with them on a few times. They're great for squashing bugs too!
Thanks Aunt Loreen!!

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