Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What's up?

Last week ended rather interestingly for the Taylor household. Brooklyn had started the week with a runny nose and was just plain cranky- very unusual for her. Thursday was a normal day for us. After dinner we headed out to gymnastics and came home for dessert. There was even extra energy to expend chasing each other around before bed.

8PM: Kids are snuggled in bed.

Zach and I grab a cup of coffee and get ready to head downstairs when Isaac starts crying.

No coffee for us....he'd thrown up all over his bed and continued to throw up at least once an hour until 8am Friday morning. What a night! But I guess since it's only the second time we've had a kid throwing up in 3 years of being parents- not too shabby! He was tired, but back to his normal self in the morning. Zach took Friday off to help me out in case it continued. Can I tell you how much I LOVE my husband!

Brooklyn started Friday with a fun new behavior of screaming inconsolably for long periods of time. Usually I can say to her, "Brooklyn stop fussing. Do you understand?" and she's pout out her lip, stop crying and say, "Stand!" We had been thinking she was teething, but now we were really confused. She did develop a little fever, but nothing else.

What has possess my little girl? I took her to the Pediatrician Tuesday AM to find out she has a double ear infection. {I feel like a terrible mother for not knowing this and letting her suffer} We've also never had an ear infection in our house either- Thank God! I hope this is the last one we have too. She finally slept through most of the night last night, and even slept in a little this morning giving mommy a little extra rest to deal with the day.

Despite all the "yuck" in our house, Zach actually didn't have to work this weekend so we had three whole days together. Funny, I look back on the weekend and think about how great it was just to be together with Zach. No fun events, just endless load of laundry, cleaning and re-cleaning, mixed in with hours of holding of miserable children.

Hopefully we'll be seeing more faces like this starting today....
'cause I know it's gonna be a great one!

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kswagarfamily said...

Oh friend... that's so miserable. We went through the puking thing, too. It's awful. Parker is on his 6th ear infection just this season right now, and we're scheduled for tubes the 17th. Looks like you're learning your camera, too! I still need to learn so much more. Love the blurry background and nice lighting! :) Hope you guys are doing okay otherwise!!