Monday, February 08, 2010


Most people start the beginning of the year with a news years resolution. This year, I some how ended up developing two new obsessions, instead of improving myself.

One- Farkle- it's addictive, for sure! I think I've started to curb that one, but I'm not making any promises. But since I'm only playing with fake chips I'm not too concerned.

Second is very fun :) I was thinking about how we'll have two little girls (IF our sonogram was right) in our house next summer. I remember Nonnie, my grandmother, making Becki and I matching outfits for special occasions. Envisioning my little girls in matching outfits made me REALLY EXCITED.

So I have been dreaming up outfits and making some of them. Here is the first thing I made.

A ruffly skirt for Brooklyn. I fell in love with the cupcake fabric and planned the rest of the skirt around it. I just love the sprinkle fabric on the bottom ruffle and a cherry on top! Couldn't you just eat it up!!!

This was my first attempt at making a gather- there were a few curse words uttered- but I eventually figured it out.

I plan on making matching shirt/onsie with a cupcake applique (like the one below I made for Taylor Belle) and a pair of bloomers for the baby.

I have another set almost finished that I'll post about soon......

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Tamara said...

i LOVE that skirt - SOOOOO cute! and i love the fabrics you used... can't wait to see sweet red-headed brooklyn sporting that cute thing! and i would like to tell you that i'm impressed. i can sew a straight line. sort of. and that's about it. i tried once to sew a dress. with a pattern. it was an "easy" dress. said "3 hours." a few weeks after attempting to make the darn thing, i took it home to my mom (who was a seamstress long, long ago but is still excellent at sewing) and she ripped out EVERY. SINGLE. STITCH i had labored to put in there. sigh. oh well. i just got rid of the dress last year.