Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two Times the Fun

We are loving a little change in our normal schedule.

I have really enjoyed getting to know Molly, who I met through MOPS, and her family. She is an OB nurse at night a few days a week. So that she can get some sleep when she gets home from work, we're swapping kids one day a week. Her kiddos Noah & Ainsley are just about the same age as Isaac & Brooklyn. This means she & I are doubling our pleasure on our day to watch the kids. But it also means a playmate for each of our kids too.

Here are some pics from the first week we swapped. It went surprisingly well...

Everybody got along- they could even all share the cars without too much drama.

With a common love for Thomas the Train this book was a good one to entertain the boys for quite a while.

Good thing these guys like each other so much- with school, MOPS & kid swapping there are some weeks they're together 4 days a week.

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molly said...

well- we have so, so loved getting to know you all too! it's great to have friends with kiddos- and bonus that they are the same age and we hit all those "exciting times" about the same time....{read here- terrible 2's!!} thanks for swapping with us!