Friday, July 17, 2009

Christmas in July

Last year we really enjoyed cutting down our own Christmas tree. Since we have a cathedral ceiling in our living room we went with a 8' tree.
It was cute....but just too small for the room.

We looked at artificial trees that were 10'-12' for a staggering $ an after Christmas sale. Yikes! But we budgeted for buying a tree this year knowing it will probably been a pretty bare tree at that price until we can buy decorations too.

Last week we came across a steal of a deal on Craigslist

We got this beautiful 12' tree for $80. Yes friends....that's my kind of a deal!!!
The family selling it had been hoping to open a B&B, but haven't been able to make that dream come to fruition.

So even though there are several months to Christmas, we're so excited about being able to decorate this monster this year!! Can't wait to see how it turns out.


Tamara said...

sweet find! you know me by now (i'm sure) that i'm all about finding good deals. and that, my friend, is a VERY GOOD DEAL! happy Christmas in july to you!!! (i should send you some of our ornaments - we don't put them all up every year b/c we have too many - my mom gave me EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE of her ornaments a few years ago - they're all homemade, but if you're interested, i'd be glad to share - and dave would be glad to get rid of some of them)!

Christina, Andrew, & Henry said...

We had a tree just like that in Colorado! It takes a lot of lights but I am sure it will be beautiful...what a great deal!