Saturday, November 14, 2009


Well we finally have gotten internet at home, so {hopefully} you'll see more postings here.

Halloween was fun this year. Aunty Becki sent us books about fall & Halloween last year. This year Isaac loved them and re-read them a lot. He especially liked the idea of getting candy! But he would not wear his Thomas costume....until we saw the preschool kids at the YMCA trick or treating to the different desks/offices and getting candy. Then he was all for it!! Brooklyn, on the other hand, did not like the tu-tu I made for her ladybug costume. And Halloween was no different- all we heard was screams as soon as she saw it. So she went as Brooklyn in Black {I did shover her into it to at least get one picture}

Our street had only one neighbor with lights on, so we went there. Afterward our coversation walking home went like this:
Isaac: That Daddy so kind to give us Candy
Sarah: That was kind. Do you want to trick or treat some more and get more candy
Isaac: We trick or treat, but I have enough candy.

He is such a sweet little guy!! We went to a church that was doing trunk or treat just in time for them to be finishing up. Which was fine because all the kids wanted to see was the firetruck & ambulance. The police that were directing traffic had there lights on so we may have sat on the curb and watched them for a while. Then we headed home to eat "trick or treats".

Even Champ got a treat for being such a good boy. It was a lot of fun & I'm hoping next year will be even better!

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Bethany said...

I don't know how many times I can tell you that those kids are so darn cute! I haven't seen pics of Brooklyn in a while. Her hair is so beautiful. And despite what she may say, I love the tutu...and so will day!