Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Bang Theory

Well I have been playing around with different hair styles for ~1 yr now-

long...short...medium...layered...straight ends...

I decided, after seeing pictures of some friends who recently got bangs to try it. Why not?

I've seen pictures of the horrid mullet-like bangs my mother pranced me around in as a little girl & thank the Lord she wised up & grew them out when I was starting school. From then on Mom forbid all suggestions of bangs. So being the obedient middle school age Sarah that I was I cut the slightest wisps of long bangs & hid them from my mother by going to school with my hair wet and slicked back every morning. When I got to school, I quickly went to the girls bathroom & 'fixed' my pitiful attempt at bangs-of course with lots of hairspray.

Fast forward to Saturday- I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I went for it anyways.

And I'm so glad I did!!! I think it looks great (Zach concurs- which is important!). Maybe it's what I've needed to do this whole time. Does that mean I need to go back and try all those hair styles again, but with bangs this time? hmmmm...
(Also bonus- I can keep headbands in my hair now, when they would always fall out over & over before. I guess I have a ginormous forehead, but none of you told me)

I will post pics when my new Canon Rebel xs comes in the mail THURSDAY!!!!!!


Tamara said...

hip hip hooray for your "on order" camera! and congrats on your love of bangs! i've been contemplating it for awhile myself... but i'm still not convinced... so i eagerly await your photos!

molly said...

love your new do.....it looks great!! and enjoy your new camera....it rocks!!

Becki said...

Because I'm your sister, and I just have to do this - correction, you did not 'cut' your bangs when you were in middle school, you 'bit' them off. Of course you have denied this, just like you denied shutting your own head in the door. We, your family, know it is true. I cut bangs last year and it is life changing :)